Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in a Less Pricey Way

Posted by admin | online poker | Wednesday 2 April 2014 4:45 pm

I guess if you play online poker you also drink a lot of coffee as coffee helps you keep focused. So the question is, coffee, is it good for you or is it bad for you? Well this question happens to be asked of me all the time, and my response happens to always be good.

There’s a coffee for every kind of person, I believe. There’s black coffee for boring and plain people, there is black decaf coffee for those bland regular and weak minded people, there is French vanilla for people who are a little bit more on the sweeter side, and my absolute favorite: ESPRESSO. Espresso is the straight up stuff that no one can resist, because espresso is just one quick shot and then you’re good for a LONG time on that.

Coffee over the years has evolved further into more or less of a unique way, like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts or even where I am from, Tim Horton’s. Regardless of where you get your coffee from now a day, it becomes more and more expensive for the same cup of liquid to do in the same thing. What exactly do they believe that they are doing to themselves? The middle class is wasting their time in my opinion and I quite frankly do not believe that they should be doing this all the time!

Coffee prices are skyrocketing and these “fast coffee” places are now just reeling in the green just like a professional fisher reels in his bass. There are easier ways of taking care of this financial hole, and it’s not bad to have a donut or two in the morning upon occasion, but help yourself, for your pocket and for your waistline.

Don’t need to gain the college freshmen 15 all over again, like I did at one point in time. Do yourself a favor and do some of the following: buy coffee in bulk. It helps saves more money per cup than having someone else like a old fashioned McDonald’s worker hitting the brew button and asking you whether or not you would like cream and sugar in that too, for what it feels like an additional fee in that matter, because you’re paying these people indirectly for their labor, which is ridiculous when you can just do it yourself. Buy and brew your own coffee, and get a decent size to go thermal mug to put that cream and sugar in it yourself.

This is a perfect example for what I do as a college student, I have my own coffee machine in my room, my mug ready to go every morning for those ridiculous 8am classes, and sometimes sneak on over to the campus library for their free coffee, or even go to our quick stop on campus and spoil myself with a HUGE cup of espresso, when I know about those long nights that are coming my way. So next time, think to yourself, how can I enjoy this Joe the same way without as much price, and you will do yourself a huge favor for yourself and your wallet in the end.

So if you play a lot of poker online and drink a lot of coffee, buy in bulk and you will save a lot of money.

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