Red Bus Bingo

Posted by admin | online gambling | Thursday 26 July 2012 6:33 pm

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Red Bus Bingo was introduced to online players in 2010

Bingo is the popular form of the Internet entertainment which is being enjoyed by the people all around the globe. The simplicty to play lotto family game is being enjoyed by people hailing from all spheres of life and economic classes. The game offers them with good bit of hours of leisure and entertainment.

The game of Bingo is the gambling game which can be played for cash but it isn’t a must to play the game for money as it is also offered at the free bingo sites. Of these websites free of nature, Red Bus Bingo has already attained the status of being cult websites among gaming fans. Of all the new bingo sites in recent years it is certainly the one to watch out for.

Alongside the free natured websites there exists some of the free standing quality bingo websites which works on account of membership. These sites might offer their visitors with one or even both the versions of the game and provide manifold game variations. Some of them even might offer the team bingo and also exclusive bingo tournaments. No cash is involved and the players collect points. The majority of these websites have sponsors which donate gifts for gaining higher point scorers and few of these sponsors fetch good money bingo structures.

The real cash bingo websites might also host free bingo websites. Some operators make them available right from the home page devoid of any sort of login. All of these games are offered to the visitors desiring to try the games and the prospect clients who are capable of trying out the latest software and games. They can also make use of the auto play feature that will cross check & rearrange the tickets solely based on the total closeness to the game of bingo.

So, if you are a novice or even a bingo freak you can have a go at these websites. Bingo is a fun pasttime and it is nothing like hardcore gambling such as roulette or the slot machines.

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My trip to Las Vegas

Posted by admin | online gambling | Monday 29 August 2011 2:24 pm

It is already a week since we returned, and the impression of disorientation and unreality, and the jet lag, begin to finally fade for good. Returning to Europe with the resumption of work, all contribute to dive into the limbo of memories that take the patina of the past.

I am surprised that contrary to what I thought before going, two weeks in Las Vegas have not generated more saturation, due to staying all the time in a noisy environment, locked inside building because of the infernal temperatures outside (44 ° C during the day for most of our time anyway). In fact, I could have stayed a little longer to enjoy more of our really exceptional hotel, or the talk shows and restaurants. For poker, as it is hard to get tired of this pleasure of playing in the rooms of Vegas, so far superior to that found in most of Europe.

I finished slightly down at the low tables ($1/$2 at the Venetian and Bellagio, or $1/$3 at the Wynn or Caesars), with the impression of playing only average and not having good runners. Yet I know that two weeks is a bit more significant than two days, so I have serious leaks that I cannot fix. Probably a lack of aggressiveness (I do not remember semi-bluff cases for example, even if I do not remember opportunity to do so), and difficult to read my opponents live.

I tried one time to play at the $1/$2/$5 PLO table (say equivalent to a $2/$5) at the Venetian, but I fell on young sharks premises, and the sums involved were too important to me . On the last day, I tried a $4/$8 LO8 Kill, and it was fun to play with the ‘old school’ atmosphere with lots of local grandpa. I will never understand those who are content to only play Hold’em when there are so many other poker variations available.

Fortunately the shot to $2/$5 has been very profitable and I finish the trip up around $800, which will at least pay the bulk of current spending (counting the + $300 at blackjack). To play at Las Vegas, it’s the nuts and returning to Spain at this point is very difficult. Finally, it is a trip I recommend to any enthusiast grinder. I think I will do it again at least once, to finish doing what I failed to do this year: shopping extensively at the beginning of the holiday, many Cirque du Soleil shows, fine restaurants and exotic cuisine, and marathon sessions of exotic poker.

After, it may be time to look elsewhere. Vegas suffers from defects in its particularity. Besides the fact that many places have little food for thought, while easily leading to overeating and drinking too much, the atmosphere built exclusively around the stimulation and satisfaction of the desires of wealthy men can sometimes be seen as rather drab. Vegas is a city oppressive in every sense.

Now when you have the chance to see the Sin City in a group of people also passionate about it and meaning to enjoy it, it makes for a trip that will long be remembered.

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The Future of Mobile Gambling

Posted by admin | online gambling | Friday 4 March 2011 1:15 am

The online gambling market is worth more than $30 billion per year according to 2009 figures. It’s safe to assume that the market is now worth over $33 billion in 2011.

Since the first online casinos opened up in the beginning of the 1990’s, more than 500 casinos have now launched providing real money casino games such as slots, video poker, progressive jackpots, roulette, blackjack and arcade games over the internet. Each of these sites operates on a multitude of casino networks and software such as Microgaming, Playtech and Real Time Gaming (RTG).

However for the first time in the industry mobile gaming is providing an additional revenue stream and business model for the gambling business.

Since the launch of the Apple iphone in 2007 (which in itself has already sold over 100 million units to date), the commercial market has become saturated with smart phones, PDAs and tablets. Nowadays the everyday consumer has a smart phone that is capable of downloading authentic real money casinos games and apps that can be played on the move. In fact, such is the technological pace of the mobile market that mobile platform manufacturers such as Sony and Nintendo are worried that their own industry will be eroded or taken over by the mobile phone market.

The scope for mobile gambling is massive, and quite frankly is becoming bigger every day.

Betfair executives announced a 40% increase in mobile betting turnover in 2009 when they decided to release an official Betfair sports betting application exclusively for iPhone users towards the end of 2010. It’s very likely that mobile betting turnover could even increase to 60% over the previous year given the number of players now placing bets on either iPhone or Android devices.

With regards to iPhone gambling apps, unfortunately the market has not taken off as quickly as sports betting.

For example, while Betfair, Bet365, Paddy Power, Bookmaker, Sportsbook and many other online sports betting sites have already released iPhone sports betting apps to the public, there are only two casinos to date that have released an iPhone casino app: 32Red and All Slots Casino.

One of the main difficulties in releasing an iPhone gambling app is that Apple will not list apps in the App Store that use java or flash technology. This has haltered the development of many gaming applications, such as Full Tilt Poker’s mobile service and Bodog’s.

In addition, unlike sports betting apps, mobile casino apps require constant development and investment in creating new games for different mobile devices. While most mobile phones use WAP connection technology, the iPhone does not which means the same games often aren’t compatible on the iPhone device. Unless Apple changes its stance of using java or flash technology for their upcoming iPhone 5 model (to be released this in summer 2011) than it’s unlikely that many more gambling apps will be developed.

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What are Instant Win Games

Posted by admin | online gambling | Thursday 3 February 2011 1:11 am

Instant win games are one of the fastest growing markets in online gambling in 2011. If you’ve ever played at your local slots or fruit machine then you should be fairly familiar with a lot of the games that come under the category of instant win games.

The types of instant win games that you can play online vary. Although essentially any online real money games that can be played quickly fall under this title.

Some of the most popular instant games that you can play online includes slots, video slots, Let’em Ride, scratch games, instant bingo, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, casino games, number games, keno, classic games (e.g. Monopoly/Cluedo), sports games or quizzes.

One of the major attractions of playing games online is the massive cash prizes, huge payouts and high probability of winning. Many scratch card games at have a 1 in 3 chance of winning with a 95% payout. The majority of cash prizes vary from £400 to £1,000 however some of the biggest cash prizes will be worth up to £200,000. Many instant games sites also have featured monthly promotions, such as free holidays, player rewards or shopping vouchers.

Another main benefit of instant win games is that they use Java or Flash technology which means that you don’t have to install or download any programs. The “instant” in instant win games means that you can open these games immediately and close them at any time. Because you are wagering money against casino, with no other players in the game (albeit this can be an option, such as multi-play blackjack) it means that you can start and close games at any time.

Many gaming sites also bring out new games all the time. Bet365 Games has a new games section which displays the latest games including Barbary Coast, Enchanted, Golden Fortune, Three Wishes and the Slot Father.

If you sign up to most instant win games sites you’ll also receive some fab £100 up to £200 bonuses. Many sites including 888 Games also give a £5 No Deposit Bonus to players just for signing up.

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