Best online poker sites

Posted by admin | online poker | Tuesday 10 January 2012 4:11 pm

What are the best online poker sites? This is a question that comes up often, not just for online poker sites but also for any gaming site, or any type of website. As players or users always want the best and they deserve it. This is one of the benefits of the Internet, as plenty of information is available online, so that everyone can do his own research, read comparison sites and make their choice.

The first thing to know is what is meant by best online poker sites. Of course best depends on you, what are your needs and requirements and everyone is different. For instance one of the top criteria to decide what is best is traffic, but this should be nuanced depending on what kind of players you are. Pokerstars has more traffic than any other poker room, and more than twice as much as the second room, Party Poker. They have around ten times more traffic than second tier rooms like Lock Poker or William Hill Poker. But do you need that much traffic?

For most casual players playing one to four tables simultaneously, playing at Pokerstars or Party Poker will not make any difference as far as traffic is concerned. The number of available tables or tournaments is more than enough, in fact it is overwhelmingly enough. But let’s say you are a very active player or an online pro. Then you will notice the difference in traffic between these two top rooms. For instance regular players know each other, so you will feel more recognizable and known at a smaller room than a huge room. If you want to multi-table 24 tables at a time, this can only be done efficiently at stars. And if you are a tournament player at the highest buy-ins, then of course you have to play at Pokerstars, as they have the largest online poker tournaments on earth.

But there are other pros who prefer rooms with little traffic. These are the props, they are employed by some of the smaller poker rooms to help provide action, filling or starting tables. In return for helping these struggling rooms they receive a large rakeback which can be anywhere between 25 and 125%. Some of these prop players can make a living from that, and for them the best online poker rooms are the ones with so little traffic that they can dominate the tables. As they see almost all the action at their preferred stakes, they know exactly who the shark and who the fish are. And they wait patiently for a new fish to join their table so that they can feast on his bankroll.

The above is just an extreme example to show that ‘best’ is always in the eyes of the beholder, and many criteria must be taken into account to determine what the best is for you. If you are not too sure, read online poker news to get yourself familiarized with online poker first. Every poker room is different, with different poker variants, tournament formats, special events or promotions. Do your home work and good luck to you.

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my poker present

Posted by admin | online poker | Thursday 18 November 2010 1:08 am

In October 2009, I was playing at a 2/4 bad beat table at party when a guy started chatting about Poker Tracker and telling everyone what their VP$IP% and aggression factors were. Unless it was PT Pat, the guy is a complete idiot for doing that, and I thank him for it.

I bought Poker Tracker that day, and searched the Poker Tracker forums for advice, which is how I ended up registering at a few forums. After 5k hands, I realized that I did not apply what I had learned in the books that I had read, and went back and re-read Small Stakes Hold’em and the Theory of Poker. I also purchased and read SS1 and SS2.

Over my next 30k hands, I have been a winner to the tune of about 1.5BB/100. At .5/1, I am at 3.5BB/100 (11k hands), and at 2/4 I am at 0.79BB/100(18k hands). I am working to find and plug the leaks as I move up in limits. I hope to use this blog to do just that. I already know that I misplay AK and AQ post flop when I miss, QQ, JJ, and TT when there are overs on the flop, and I especially feel lost in the blind against a steal, although I am working very hard on that aspect of my game.

I also play 7CS online. Not many people play the game anymore, and very few of them play it well. If I am running bad at holdem, I find a low limit 7CS game and take my frustrations out there.

I play some MTTs and Mega MTTs, all <$20 buy in, and play the occasional qualifier to a larger tournament on Party, and have played in the 500k, 750k, and 1M guaranteed before, but never ITM.

I just started whoring bonuses about 3 weeks ago. There is life outside of Party and Pacific, I have discovered. I have a lot to keep me busy just trying to clear these deposit and reload bonuses, and I currently have bonus queued at Paradise, Pokerstars and Bodog Poker. I am still learning which sites clear at faster rates and at what limits.

My current bankroll is a touch over $3k. I am comfortable playing up to 3/6 limit and 4/8 7CS online. At brick and mortar games, which are remarkably soft compared to the online games, I play up to 6/12 holdem (no kill) and basically any 7 Card Stud game I can find, but I really try to avoid the 1-5 spread limit 7CS games that are the only thing that I can find near here.

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