Essential Betting Terms in Poker

Posted by admin | online poker | Saturday 23 August 2014 1:04 am

One mistake people often make with poker is throwing themselves into the game completely blind. Although some variations of poker are simpler than others, you should never play for cash before educating yourself about the rules of the games and the options you will be presented with throughout the rounds of betting. Here are some terms you should definitely be familiar with! If not check a free poker site for further information.

Possibly the most important thing to know is the betting options that you have during each round of the game. If, for example, you are playing a game with antes, there will already be money in the pot and you have three options for what you can do if you’re the first to act in the first round. You can bet, or you can check, which means pass the bet on without doing anything. If you bet, the next player will be the person to your left. He or she can then do three different things. To call or see the bet means to match it exactly. To raise means to up the amount. Finally, to fold means to give up on the current hand and pull out of the round.

This method of play continues around the players, always going to the left. If the bet you made initially has been raised by the time it comes back to you, you have the same three options as everyone else – to call, raise or fold. The round is concluded when all the remaining players who haven’t folded call the same bet, so they are all putting in the same amount of money. A round of betting can also end if all the players check so that there is no money in the pot that round to be won.

These are the official terms, but there is also a lot of betting slang to get to grips with. “Bump” is used to mean raise, for example if you bump the bet up to 5, you are raising the total bet to £5. “Kick it” is used in the same way. If you “limp” then you are betting the minimum amount possible, or calling the previous person’s bet. A “family pot” occurs when every player stays in for a hand of the game, so everyone has money in the pot.

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